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green-leaf INSURANCE ™

green-leaf INSURANCE ™ is a division of C3 Risk & Insurance Services, composed of professional independent insurance agents who are deeply committed to the cannabis industry and have a strong working relationship with the leading insures in the industry.

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Together We Grow

green-leaf INSURANCE ™

We assist our clients by analyzing their risk exposures, implementing strategic insurance coverages, assist with your OSHA/Loss Control needs.  This is crucial for your business as you grow it, ensuring a low loss ratio helps drive down the cost of insurance.

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“Together We Grow”

We will review the insurance aspects of contracts you are considering, and work with legal professionals experienced in your industry.  In addition to that legal resource, we have experts we work with in the areas of Employee Benefits, Human Resources, Payroll Services, Safety and Loss Control, and most other aspects of your business.

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C3 Risk & Insurance Services

C3 is bringing color to the insurance industry.  We deliver a contextualized insurance experience to each client through our unique service packages via non-traditional technology solutions that no other agency is offering.  C3 challenges the status quo, innovates, and infuses fun in the process while balancing professionalism and humility.

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green-leaf INSURANCE ™
``Together We Grow``
Integrity above all.
Swim Upstream.
Enjoy the moment.
green-leaf INSURANCE ™
``Together We Grow``
Shape positive & efficient work experience.
Listen with empathy.
Garner diverse perspective.

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