"Nationwide Insurance Coverages for the Cannabis Industry" green-leaf INSURANCE™

Specialized Insurance for Cannabis Companies


Cultivation and Greenhouses, Edibles and Infused Products, Testing and Extraction, Hydroponics


Dispensaries, Distribution, Delivery and On-demand, eCommerce, Logistics and Transportation


SAAS (Software as a Service), Data Analytics, Grow Automation and Technology, Media, Digital and Content


Employee Health and Benefits, Scaleable and Robust, Streamlined, Quality Custom Underwritten Solutions

From cultivation to dispensary, and everything in between.

“Together We Grow”


green-leaf INSURANCE™ can cover you for: general liability, product liability, professional liability, employment practices liability, directors & officers liability, and umbrella liability insurance.


Coverage provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment and insurance also protects the employer from any claims brought by employees.


Expand coverage with an added equipment breakdown policy, which can protect your plants from a wide array of risks; indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse. Protect yourself from fire, theft, and damage.


Small and large group health insurance, employer-sponsored health plans can be comprehensive and cover the cost of medical office visits to hospitalization and emergency room visits.

“green-leaf INSURANCE™ has been extremely helpful in securing the proper insurance policies for our cannabis brand. They walked us through every step and explained things very clearly. I feel more confident about running my business now the we’re covered.”

Evan Serling, CEO

Nationwide Insurance Coverages

for the Cannabis Industry

“I will refer everyone I know who is looking for Cannabis insurance to contact Eric Sheetz of C3/green-leaf INSURANCE™. Eric went above and beyond to secure policies for our company in a space where it is difficult to obtain the necessary insurance to operate. “

Rob Longo, CFO



green-leaf INSURANCE™ partners with Colorado cannabis and medical marijuana companies. Amendment 64 was an immensely popular ballot measure which was passed to amend the constitution of the State of Colorado.


green-leaf INSURANCE™ supported Washington when it became one of the first two states along with Colorado, to legalize recreational cannabis in November, 2012  passing Initiative 502 to the Washington State Legislature.


Hawaii, soon to be second location for green-leaf INSURANCE™, was the first state which approved a medical marijuana bill. That same year California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis by approving ballot measure, Proposition 215.


We’re keeping up to date on the changes taking place in Canada with cannabis law and marijuana legalization. green-leaf INSURANCE™ is always up to date on the latest information, stay informed and join our mailing list!

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